Pandemic has been the best teacher to revisit human values ethics in business & personal life. There are many moments in life which induce us to revisit & reanalyze our basic tenets & values. One such situation is when we visit the crematory grounds & internally accept the futility of life’s ego, rudeness, impropriety. Another moment is when our near & dear ones breathe their last. All these moments are individualistic. For a society, economy at large to acknowledge a review of living tenets & forming of new philosophies for onward march is what the pandemic has resulted internationally. Even businesses have to review their existence & analyze the type of recession whether it is a V type, W type, U type, L type or K type & decide their path to survival & prosperity.

Being in business & being a professional medical practitioner made me wonder if business also needs to reinvent its ethical approaches. The casual approach with which the preventive measures were perceived by general public & the opportunistic approach of businesses to view different turn of events as a source of earning extra income by their convenient interpretations baffled me. Though these preventive measures seem easy & are hammered day in & day out on various fronts they are not easy to keep month after month, year after year and on. Yet they are likely to be with us hereafter.

American Healthcare International (I) P. Ltd. (AHI) an organization whose mission & vision is to help all to enjoy what life has to offer, felt a basic concept like mask was commonly not understood. The technicalities required to make an effective face mask was being tossed & the news of many fake masks being sold as N95 masks was upsetting. The scarcity of a proper mask induced a lot of spurious masks. Ongoing precautions due to the pandemic are forcing mask customers to think & shop differently. Face Mask & Hand Sanitizer kits are becoming popular in store safety staple. There are countless researchers publishing predictions & projections on how Businesses will fall & succeed in the post pandemic world.

American Healthcare International (I) P. Ltd. (AHI) reconfirms its mission & vision to foster character value, Work value & personal values in all its products & activities. AHI opines ethical consideration & not purely economic consideration should be the guiding force for businesses in the post pandemic era. In this world of competition & globalization the challenge is to manage business ethics & ethical values in an appropriate & standardized way.


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