Is AHI MASKAARA effective as the first line for the second and subsequent waves of COVID

‘Humans have peculiar psychology 

The find structures in sand, sculpture’s in stone

Ornaments in metals, medicines in leaves & herbs 

But they can’t find humanity in human beings’

So sad yet true after all lockdowns & introduction of vaccine humans (not specific Individuals) tossed all preventive measures to the air & then seems to be a possibility of 2nd & 3rd  waves in various geographical regions. The three basic tenets for fighting covid pandemic

        – frequently wash your hands with soap & water/hand sanitizer.

-cover your face with an effective mask, scientifically effective.

-maintain social distancing wherever possible 

The advent & injecting of the vaccine has started. Herd immunity has not played its role. The efficacy of the vaccine is to follow over a period of time. As of end February large scale clinical trials are in progress of 

    a) Astra Zeneca covid-19 &

    b) Novavax covid- 19 vaccines

All the efforts & their after effects demands continuous adherence to three tenets at least till the end of the year.

    • Which mask should be used?

    • Is there mask scientifically made & effective as the first line of defense for the 2nd wave or further waves of covid ?

    • Which authority stipulates the guidelines? 

    • Is it FDA, CDC, ISO, SITRA, CE?

    •  Which mask confirms & adheres on a large scale to fulfill these guidelines?

For sure it is N95 masks. But AHI made N95 mask seem to be convincing enough to suit as a first line of defense for 2nd & subsequent waves of covid-19 they are sourced & marketed by American healthcare International on whose advisory board are experts from various streams. They brain storm the requirements to the minutest details & come to be grounded alternative. These masks are marketed in India by American HealthCare (I) P.Ltd who did not jump the band wagon of masks but scientifically analyzed the requirements of the pandemic.

 The “Maskaara” mask is the most recommended N95 mask in India. It offers 6 layers scientifically arranged layers of filtration which effectively filters out dust & non oily particles of up to 0.3 microns from the air that you breathe in.

“Maskaara” is made of fabric which is reusable with soft cleaning but not washable. It has contoured that fits any human face. It has loop which are ear friendly.

“Maskaara” all packed four numbers each in an attractive gift friendly box & priced at 499/- all inclusive as MRP

 It comes out of the knowledgeable medical hands of Dr. Mukesh Hariawala who is an internationally acclaimed cardiac heart surgeon of 30 years. He has been awarded as ‘Indian health care visionary of the decade’ in 2017 on the same platform which was shared by icons like Mr. Ratan Tata & Mr Mukesh Ambani. 

56810cookie-checkIs AHI MASKAARA effective as the first line for the second and subsequent waves of COVID

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